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S10 out of stock

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Went to pre order s10 128gb this evening however all colours out of stock 


Anyone know if these will come back into stock before the offer ends?


Check it again later. Sometimes the website does say out of stock but later on the stocks are back in.

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Dune so thay dont have to give free ear buds are not out of stock  just holding  back till the 8


i cant preorder also, these guys is buying these s10 phone like an candy lol,


also i see some leaks before it look like the real one galaxy s10e


I pre ordered in early March. Was meant to be delivered on Saturday 23rd.

Never came I have spent hours on the phone to their customer service and no one will tell me when to expect it.

The support desk is absolutely awful.

Clueless..  promises of call backs that never happen.

I am cancelling and staying clear of Samsung from now on.

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