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S10+ maximum sent email size?

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Hi, can anyone advise what the built in maximum sent message size is on the S10+? One of our users was trying to send a message with 31Mb of attachments but it would not send and reported message too large. I cannot find anythign in the settings to show or change the maximum sent message size.


Many thanks, Eddie


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Superuser II

Maximal size of e-mail is not a property of e-mail client but a server. Diferent servers have diferent maximum size but 30 MB looks like too much for me, I recomend going under 10MB per e-mail.

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Hi Libb,


Thanks for taking the time to respond, however our Exchange e-mail server has a 100Mb limit set as we often have to send and receive large CAD files & Revit models with clients. It does appear that there is a limit within the app - on a previous S7 handset we found the e-mail app had a limit of around 10Mb.


Watching the user sending the large e-mail the response was from within the app and not from our server and was almost instantaneous so it wasn't even attempting to send the message.


Having said that, whilst our users often send large file from the desktop client this user was being a bit silly sending something that size from their phone but sometimes they do have to do this if they are out of the office and a client has an urgent requirement for information.


Kind regards, Eddie

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