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S10 loose part sound inside phone?

Thanks appreciate your feedback
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Shaking the phone the very subtle shaking noise is the phones side buttons? 


you can also read about it all over

, its totally normal😊👌
no worries!

but i have a question about ur phones guys!

when you have high volume on ur phone ,does it vibrate much? from 50% to 100% ? i feel like mine does, when i hold my finger over the top speaker the vibriting goes down, and the sound only comes up from te bottom speakee, and when i release the finger again its starts again to vibrate, this is from volume 50% and up to full volume. i have read on the internett that some have it others dont, some means it wrong someone means its nothing wrong? so what do u guys have on urs? and what do u think?

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Hi all,


Thought I'd speak up for some clarification. The official statement received from our Development Team is:


"Your device is not faulty – the sound is due to the Camera Lens Barrel required to operate the Auto Focus function.
Your Galaxy S10+/S10 supports the triple camera and it consists of a 12MP main camera with a wide angle of view, a 12MP telephoto camera and 16MP ultra-wide camera. All cameras also support the Auto Focus feature required for high quality and high resolution of the camera. The Auto Focus feature adjusts focus by moving the Lens units up and down over the Image Sensor. This enables Auto Focus speed and accuracy and helps in reducing battery usage.

However, the Camera module is fitted with a “Stopper” part to limit lens unit movement within the space for the Camera module. When the Lens and Stopper touch, when shaking the Galaxy S10 Series, a minute noise may occur – however, this is normal due to the operation of the Auto Focus feature of the camera. The sound made may differ slightly by device types and model." 


Hope this helps! 


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I also got my S10e yesterday. looks like powerbutton making noices when i touch the's kind of loose

Thanks Danny, big help from everyone. I have every confidence in Samsung and customer support have always sorted my issues in the past.
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is it a issue or not..? confused now


No if you read all the responses


Ok so I tried paying more attention to the shake and noise and I have noticed a gray circle that is loose on the camera lenses the middle one idk if it was there originally or not but when I shake it enough the gray circle sits ontop of the middle camera lense can still see through the camera so it don't get in the way but it is loose and then it just goes away n slips through the space n the rattling is worse I have also just noticed that I see the ultra sonic fingerprint sensor through my screen lol it was very noticable on some apps especially pokemon go you see a rectangular shadow just above the pokeball icon in the middle and on Facebook on the white background see it as well I powered the phone down and turned it back on and it is not visible no more can anyone answer that one? If your screen is off and you tilt your phone a certain way in certain lighting conditions you can see it as well but when the screen is on I don't want to see that while watching something or anything it is very annoying especially when your tedious about things like that lol why it was so visible till I restart my phone I'm unsure about but it was definitely visible very much.

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Same here, I've tested it the same way with the camera on and the noise stopes. I'm still not sure if the sound is normal. Mine makes noise in ny direction I shake
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