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S10 keeps crashing - "UPLOAD MODE - CP Crash"


Bought my S10 last weekend, and since then it has crashed twice, first time happened (of course) during the night causing me to miss my wake up.


Both times the screen shows a following report: "UPLOAD MODE - CP Crash" 


Australian tech support said that it's a known issue with S10 and I shouldn't be worried, but it's a bit difficult not to worry anytime I'm setting up my wake up...

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It happened to me too today, 4 days after buying it!Screenshot_20190320-171917_Settings.jpg





Had the same issue as well 15 mins ago.

Very worrying situation. 

BTW, instructions to reboot device are wrong (inverted) which makes you even more worried.

Hope to see Samsung reacting fast. 


I think i have this solved. Go to Settings - > Device care - > click the three dots at the upright corner - > choose "About device care" , and check that your version is If not, it should suggest you to update it.


After updating a week ago, this problems hasn't appeared again.


Kind of stupid that you have to find these updates yourself, one would think that these would be updated with the normal software updates...

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Got the same issue, cant get out of the 'upload Mode - cp crash' sceen tho.

How can I get out of there without rebooting my device? 


I guess there's no way to get out of it without rebooting, though the error report says something about connecting to PC.. .


So press screen lock + volume down long enough, until it reboots. 

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Emailed the customer service and was suggested changing the debug level to low. The default setting is high. It kind of slows down your phone a little bit. But let's see if it solves this problem.

Just updated it seconds ago. Guess what, it totally rebooted the device without any warning...
Hopefully I wasn't working on an email or else.
Let's see now how it goes...

So it re-booted immediately after finishing the Device care -update? And it was a reboot, not that same crash?


Interesting, as far as i recall, mine did nothing after that update. And so far it hasn't crashed neither. Before the update it crashed like every three days. Fingers crossed that the update solved the issue. 




I have this Version but the crash don't disapear. 

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