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S10 ...good or bad ??


@jamieholt wrote:

I upgraded from an S8+.. I wasn't blown away or anything. I didn't take it out the box and have my jaw drop. I wasn't expecting that either. The S10+ is pretty much my old phone, but on steroids. Better screen, better storage, better battery, better RAM.. Better everything. You can't fault the hardware, people seem to be having issues with the software though. It's not even been a month yet, it still needs time to get optimised I'm guessing.


You really think a couple of hundred people posting about an issue out of the millions of people who actually bought the phone makes it bad? Come on man. Don't be silly.

Not being silly Jamie , I read and I see lots of issues so hence my post which I'm entitled to post 😉

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Personally I love my s10+. Coming over from apple it's like a breath of fresh air. Loats more options to personalise the phone, the build is really good and the camera is awesome. I've had a few issues with notifications but I can live without things like getting fb notifications a s things like that. I'm sure there is still plenty for me to lean and play with but for now I'm glad I moved over. 

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Good for me. Fast, Smooth, Beautiful screen and a Massive jump from my OG Pixel XL, Especially on battery life. Easily getting a day and a half standby with 5-6 Hours SOT. On a busy day I can get 7-8 hours SOT and have battery left, even with my Galaxy Watch connected full time and on 4g.



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