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S10+ exynos vs snapdragon - why SD variant is better?


Hello everyone 


Has anyone else had a chance to compare exynos and SD variants of S10 side by side? I did and this is what I observed:

- camera performance is better in SD, steady shot is a great example

- battery noticeably better in SD


Any thoughts? You think Samsung will improve the situation with software updates?



yes this is true....snapdragon much better then exyno ..they are with 7nm and 5g support.....


same observation here, I also posted mine so atleast someone here can help us , im planning to buy the s10 very soon but here in uae its the exynos variant who is available, samsung please hear us,, maybe you can create a patch or software update on exynos variant s10 , s10e and s10+


i just have an important enquiry, for those who were able to test snap vs exynos s10 side by side which region is supported in your place, is it the snapdragon? if yes, does your exynos s10 regularly recieves the OTA SOFTWARE UPDATE or no? im planning to get the Sm G973U Model snapdragon, but im here in uae w/c is an exynos region, im worried i might not get any software update here,so if you can answer my question it will be the biggest help, thankyou