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S10 colours washed out

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I've had my S10 for over a month now and I was very happy with the screen, however over the last couple of days I've noticed the colours of the screen have gone dull. They're so washed out, there's almost a grey tint to them, even is when the blue light filter is off. My display is set to "Natural" but it's been this way since I got the phone and only now the colours have changed. Coincidentally, I've installed the last updated a couple of days ago. Has anyone else experienced this?



In Settings/Display try Increasing Brightness to about 60%, switch off all the other options (Adaptive Brightness, Blue Light Filter, Night Mode) and set Screen Mode to Vivid.  That's how my S10 is set up and the colours are brilliant.

And yes, I have updated the April security patch with no problems.