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S10 charging slow while using


I mean, I know a phone will charge a bit slower while in use. But the S10 is charging like SUPER SLOW when I use it at the same time. Is this normal? Also, it's getting pretty hot and it feels a bit laggy too.

Superuser I
Superuser I

The phone will heat up a little when charging which is normal and may get a little warmer if Fast Charging is activated. 


Are you using the original charger.


Some camharging stands / pads have internal fans that kick in when fast charging is being used which helps to keep the phone cooler.


Also if the phone is in a case this can cause build up of heat sometimes as the heat cant dissipate as well.


Using the phone and charging at the same time can slow down the charging time in my opinion as your using battery as well as adding to the battery level.


I've not noticed any lag on my phone when charging however.



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