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S10 camera doesn't work


Sorry for my bed England. Today my s10 camera isn't working it says "Warning Camera error". I just reset my phone, remove the SD-Card but nothing happened. But when I open Instagram it works only the front camera but when I click switch camera the rear camera doesn't work. I don't know how to do now. And I need the Camera. Pls Anyone help me.



Hi , it is a known issue on Android with the camera since S3 

Did you install another Camera App? uninstall it


Toggle  off Smart Stay 


or did you also try the Safe mode? 

Try to make a Photo ,  if the error  don't appear then u have to restart the phone and search for the App what make this conflict with the camera App 


- Clear cache and data of Camera app and restart it

-Wipe cache partition

and if nothing help 

then you can do a factory reset,  but you've  already done it 







Hi DeVN00ll.

I did everything but didn't work.

The phone hasn't been out that long take it back under the 30 day faulty guarantee
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Hi There,

I had the same issue and it turned out that the problem wasn't the phone at all .... it was the case it was in!

The moment I took it out the case, the front facing camera worked perfectly.

Give this a go and let me konw if it works



Hey Savs. It didn't work. Thanks to trying to help me. Have a good day.