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S10+ USB-C Port

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Had the phone since launch, but last week just as i was going away, went to plug the phone into the car to use Android Auto and couldnt get a connection, my Leads plug wont go far enough into the phone to connect.

If i wiggle it around I can get a charging connection barely, but if i move it a fraction it loses even that. Is there anything i can do, the only case i have on it is samsungs LED cover and I have tried other cables with the same result

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So the case shouldn't be hindering this cable as it's an open design at the bottom.


It sounds like the cable which I'm assuming isn't a Samsung Original Accessory isn't compatible..



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I have tried multiple cables that worked with the phone before this happened last week, also tried the original cable that came with the phone and still no joy
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I've had this issue with my S8. For me, it was an accumulation of fluff in the port. I used a fine blade (AT YOUR OWN RISK) to scrape it out and everything worked fine again.

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Thanks, Yes it was fluff in the port, I took it to a Samsung shop and they cleaned it out for me