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S10 Smart View doesn't connect with Windows 10 through its Connect app


Hi, I need to connect and project my Galaxy S10 to Windows 10 through Wifi. I've tried with Smart View. It detects my Windows 10 laptop and when I click on it it initiates the connection, I authorize it in Windows 10 when requested but after trying a while, the connection is refused and in Connect screen in Windows I can see a message saying that "It's not possible to view the protected content in this device".... Why this is happening? Anyone knows how to solve it? I have both devices, the new S10 and Windows 10 fully up-to-date.

Thanks in advance. 

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Hi, Did you ever get an answer to this? Same issue - No problem on S8 but the S10 just cuts out after 2 seconds.



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Just to add, I'm having exactly the same problem. 


I think the "It's not possible to view the protected content in this device"  message is just standard (not an error), but I do get "Something went wrong with this projection" after a few seconds

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