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S10 Slow motion - can't edit or trim...


Hi there,

I am having difficulty editing slow motion (not super slow mo) footage shot on my S10, on the phone itself. I shot a fairly long slow motion clip, maybe 90 seconds long. I wanted to trim it down to the bit I wanted to capture.

I'm unable to trim the overall clip size, or move either of the slow motion range sections around. What is going on? Anyone else having this problem?





@Cahal: When you tap on 'View Slow Motion Video' and enter the editing screen, you should see 2 arrows below the video timeline that can both be moved to the point you want to be slowed down. This will create a coloured square which can be moved around on the timeline via a quick drag and drop. Similarly, the grey brackets to the left and right of the timeline can be moved just like the arrows to edit down the video. Hope this helps.

Hi Andrew,


Thanks for your response. I've attached a grab which shows the screen I'm attempting to make an edit in. The blue arrows are pointing to what I believe to be the trim overall clip brackets - I've tried moving these, but it doesn't work, the clip length remains the same.

The red arrows show the section that is slowed down - for some reason, it puts two in. I don't want two slowed down bits, just one - is this possible? Again, when I try to move the bounds in or out, or to move the section to be slowed down, it just remains where it is.

I'm pretty baffled by this, and appreciate your time.


Thank you.


@Cahal: Ok, I've had a play around with my S10 and have found the solution - I think

For the duplicate arrows indicating the slow mo section, tap on one of the white boxes (either is fine) and a pop up box should appear above it allowing you to change the slow mo speed (left option) or delete it (bin symbol to the right).

The White brackets do move, but I found it to be temperamental. Things to note:
- You can't slide a white bracket past the slow mo box
- The Yellow line indicating the 'Play' point of the video should be moved away from the white brackets as I found that I accidentally moved that instead of the bracket itself
- It's not fool proof, but try double tapping the backet before you move it (tap-tap and hold-move).

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Since the latest update (Android 9) the slow-motion video editor doesn't work like it used to. You can trim videos by holding the end brackets, but you cannot manipulate the slow-slow motion areas (the now orange boxes) like you used to.


For one thing, while you can make them larger, you then cannot shrink them back down easily, and when you manage it, the smallest version is much larger than desired. Deleting one of the areas and trying to split the remaining area (which used to halve the area in question) now produces two large areas that are near-impossible to edit.


I say near-impossible because I gave up after wasting 30 minutes trying all sorts of things.


What this new limitation means is that it makes the videos near useless if the desired action is only a few seconds long. It also results in files that are much larger.


I'm hoping to find a third party editor that will recognize and edit these files but as right now, the technical term I like to use is "it sucks".


Another example of "improvements" being anything but.


I'd appreciate any instructions enabling me (and others) to edit slow-motion videos like we used to.


On the flip side, the super-slow motion works well (but is much too short).



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Yep same issues it is really temperamental/unusable and quite frustrating.

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My current process:


1) edit in-phone as close as I can. (cursing under my breath helps me keep my calm)

2) export to Windows MovieMaker (a program no longer available in Windows but that can still be found on the web).

3) perform multiple edits (cuts and pastes) to end up with what I want. (still humming creative curses)


It's not perfect, but it's much faster and gets me closer to what I want than messing with Samsung's editor.


I wish I could find the old video editor as a separate app.

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Help us because we bought your product.

The editor is useless.
Why can't I delete slow sectors?

Nor can the length of the video be cut as I want it to be because it does not allow. Etc


hello all..

please visit this topic : Slow motion fragment of movie very long related to S9. Seems you are not allone and all of us has been fu... by Samsung..

there you can find the answer from Samsung..


the worst thing is that when I bought the phone, this funciotnality worked very well, with no limitation and it disappeared after one of the update..

it's really disappointing...


especially when I see that also that problem exists in the newest model... shame like the hell...


Same problem on my s10, super annoying.

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