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S10/S10+ USB connection to car


Anyone who has managed to fix this issue please post of any ideas 


How has this not been fixed Shocking..I have the same issue phono cable works fine for music and apps usb will charge but nothing else,bluetooth works fine (fiat 500) blue & me... I even updated the blue & me to the latest fw still nothing...Never had a problem with any iPhone..Samsung sort this out

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Sorry only fully functioning when head unit supports android auto.  Don't forget to download app on phone if your head unit supports 

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By using the blutooth the quality is 50 percent less, any one who has ipone just check it play with bluetooth and then plud in the USB conection and you will se the differance.

Samsung need to sort this out, I will never by Samsung again until it sorted as i like my music.

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Yh I felt the difference when I had an iPhone 7 and when I connected it through usb and bluetooth. And even I'm not happy with this thing after I switched to the S10 plus.

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Same problem with a 2015 Toyota Tacoma. Bluetooth works, but USB doesn't (does with Apple devices).

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i have a 2016 Chevy Sonic Lt sedan turbo 

and sometimes it works and not . idk what to do ?

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I have an Infiniti QX60 and it doesn't work with the S10+.  I had a Samsung S7 edge and was able to connect my phone to the USB and play Pandora from my phone.  I get the Attention message posted earlier if I try it with the S10+.  I also tried BT but that didn't work.

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2019 gmc terrain ... car will not recognize that the phone is plugged in for android auto..i have tried multiple cables and it still does not work .. it does recognize my wifes s7

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