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S10|S10+ Case & Screen Protector?


Does this phone come with a free case as some people have suggested 


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I just got my S10 plus I thought it came with a screen protector  and case or have I got it wrong ?


I just got my S10 plus I thought it came with a screen protector  and case or have I got it wrong ?

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Hi guys! 


I've merged your threads together as they're similar and have the same answer.


In-box contents of an S10|S10+ are:


  • Samsung Galaxy S10 (or S10+) handset with embedded battery
  • USB-C cable
  • Charger
  • SIM tool
  • USB On-The-Go (OTG) connector
  • AKG earphones
  • Quick start guide
  • Clear protective cover
  • Protective film

The screen protector is already preinstalled on the device.


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No protective cover in my box

It’s already fitted to the device, unless it’s the 10e, then it doesn’t come with one.

no cover but protetive film is fixed in my S10. Its just a thin film like the type which were there before the tempered glass came. It will protect the screen from scratches BUT not from any drops.

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The Samsung website did state the S10 plus came with a clear case and screen protector but mine didn't have the case and the screen protector was so badly aligned I had to remove it.

Went on the online chat feature and after waiting for 36 positions in the queue, Maria told me the phone doesn't come with a case? 

Why show it and list it while on pre order and then not supply it? Clearly 900 quid on a phone isn't enough to include what was promised! 

Because the phone is full touch tempered glass won't work
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Meaning what? 


Tempered glass works I just put on the phone here and I put it on top of the screen protector film but I dont use fingerprint scanner so its ok. It works fine including the selfie camera. There is also a setting in display to activate sensitive touch if you use a screen protector


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