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S10+ Rsap (Remote Sim Access Profile)??

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I don't give a sh*** of Samsung's phone anymore and I already ordered Huawei P30 Pro and is no problem at all with rsap.
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Since Android 10 update I got yesterday my dual/hybrid sim S10+ is now accepting remote sim access from my car (2015 Skoda Superb II - Columbus RNS510 head unit) Bluetooth premium is now working giving me SMS control again

Hope this is finally sorted for all, regardless of car manufacturer.


Thanks for the heads up...had given up trying.

Seems to connect & give sim access both with my Audi & Porsche now.


Well, I got a single SIM G975U, now with Android 10, and still NO r-SAP at all...

The phone works for calls & phonebook...but...
It completely captures the sim card & won't allow the phones other functions...
Very odd...obviously not tested by the developers very well
No, nothing here. Can't tell if others S10 with Exynos got r-SAP after Android 10, but my g975u with Snapdragon continues exactly the same after the update - no r-SAP...
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Problem solved with new Android 10 OneUi 2.0



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Mine is a G975f
Tried everything, G975U with Android 10, G975USQU2CSKP, and no r-SAP.
Could Samsung give some support here and explain if r-SAP is really available now in S10 with Android 10? And, if so, in which phone versions?

I think I read somewhere that there was 5 conditions to make it work:

1) Sim needs to be in sim slot 1

2) No sim in slot 2 (not sure if this is true)

3) Delete your bluetooth phone in your car bluetooth settings

4) Delete your car from your phone bluetooth settings 

5) Enable RSAP in car (premium phone)

6) Pair your phone with car, now it should work


On my S10 it now works (also make sure rsap (premium phone) is enabled in the car

In my skoda I also needed to enable "roaming" and "auto connect to data"

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