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S10+ Rsap (Remote Sim Access Profile)??


I've got the UK version of this phone, which is a Hybrid Sim, but it doesn't connect to my Audi MMI like my S9+ does (single sim version) . I need to share sim with the car via Bluetooth rsap to share 4G but nothing I try works. 

Does anyone know the reason for this? Is it the fact that the s10+ is a hybrid sim? If so I will be very annoyed and will be returning the phone. 

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I also have this problem .How can I resolve?


It is how u write ... unfortunately

Only the Single Sim Versions of S9 ,  S10,  + etc

support the rsap .. duos Phones not . 

The last Samsung what i know whas the 

Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F and some Samsung  Phones before the release of the S7 Edge 


Actually in the UK, Samsung released Single Sim versions of the s9 range as well as Hybrid versions. I can confirm that rsap was supported on the S9+ Single Sim UK version but not the Hybrid version. Really wish that if Samsung are only going to release Hybrid versions of phones from now on, they figure out a way for people to be able to turn off dual sim functionality if they want to, so that rsap can be used again. Please Samsung!
There is no resolution on Hybrid phones currently. If Samsung developers can figure out a way to turn off the second sim and give users this option then perhaps we will see rsap back on their phones.... I'm not holding my breath though.
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Same problem here, who would have thought a new flagship phone would lose funtionality! I asked when pre-ordering if it would be fully compatable with my car connectivity phone & sms, Oh yes was the reply only to find out the hard way this is not the case. PLEASE release a patch to allow the user to switch off sim2 or detect when a SD card is inserted & auto switch to single sim, surely this cannot be too difficult to implement.

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Is there an APP that can solve this?

Same issue with a Prosche...not solution from Samsung despite hours with their technical team.
Had to get a second sim for the car & link it to my phone number....
As someone who uses the phone for business in the car 80% of the day it's as usefull as a chocolate teapot

Update.... kept my S9 Plus Single Sim UK version and returned the S10 Plus Dual Sim. S9 plus connects perfectly via RSAP every time. Not falling for the same con if S11 comes out as Dual Sim only too. RSAP essential with German cars of a certain age unless you want to buy a separate sim for the car. Which I don't. 


update....swapped my dual sim S10+ for a single sim version,...same issue.

Apparentley, bluetooth 5.0 is not certfified & does not support rsap.

at present...there's no fix without trying to root phone & instal third party app which I eon't do