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S10 - Put on a new glass screen protector and now my case won't fit


Looking for input and suggestions.  I just switched to a glass screen protector on my S10 but when I put the case back on it lifted the edges of the glass. Has anyone else had this issue?  What case can I buy that won't lift the glass screen?   

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Superuser I

Some case manufacturers and some Tempered Glass Screen Protector manufacturers have a compatibility chart on their websites @Maggie-101 


Also look at reviews from people who have bought the same or similar as you to get their feedback. Some mobile phone forums also have accessories boards where people discuss what combinations have worked for them.


What I personally find is that the glass screen protectors that only have silicone adhesive around the edges can easily lift away.


A good idea is to put the case on the phone and dry fit the protector i.e just place it on the phones screen and if there's a nice little few millimeter gap between the case edges and protector then there shouldn't be an issue.


I use the Samsung Official Black Leather Clip On Case coupled with the Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector on my Note 10.


The Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector affixed to the phone via silicone adhesive all over the screen and not just the edges which gives it a more secure fit.



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