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S10 Plus Unlocking and Waking In Pocket (Pocket Dialling)

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Right.  Acting like we are all stupid.  I've never had to call a SAMSUNG STAR

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I've never had to call a "SAMSUNG STAR"  before to tell me what to do.  




I have had my s10 since it came out & i regret upgrading so much! I have been through all the settings and adjusted as needed but have nothing but issues with this handset.


I wish i never traded my s8 in as I miss it so much! Was so much better

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Same problem here

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I feel so frustrated about this.

The problem isn't only about the double tap to wake or lift to wake.

The horrible part is it UNLOCKS my phone in my pocket by itself, without my consent. I didn't put my finger or my face in the pocket. This means that the security of this $1000 phone is next to nothing.

Samsung you really need to fix this.


Hi all


We've tried all of the above and nothing. Then my wife found the "trusted devices" option. 


It turns out that her fitbit charge was a trusted device so when in close proximity (so all the time really) smart lock would automatically unlock her phone. 


So of this is the case try removing your trusted device and see if that works


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