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S10 Plus High CPU Tempature


Hello i got my s10 plus yesterday, when i setup phone it got hot/warm it was changing after setup i let phone get cool after that i surfed normaly and it got warm/hot and i downloaded 3rd party program to check tempature so i saw battery sometimes got 36.5 degree and cpu is not going below 45 degree when its idling its 40 45 degrees when i normal surfing its going between 48 60 degrees.But when i take it to high performance its not go down 50 and it got max 65 degree

Should i return it? and Sorry for my bad english :(
AndrewL Moderator

As the Galaxy S10+ has a slim design and uses a high performance CPU you may notice the operating temperature of the device increase; this may be dependant upon the number of apps and background services in use. This is normal and should not affect your device's lifespan or performance. I would however recommend removing any apps you have downloaded as a troubleshooting step to see if this improves the overall operating temperature.

If you're concerned then you do have the option to return the device and arrange a replacement if it is less than 30 days old. Alternatively you can get it inspected by a Samsung engineer at a Support Centre by checking the link below, selecting 'Mobile Device' and entering your post code.

Helping Hand

Yes, return or exchange. 60 is insanely high.

Let them decide whats wrong. You paid much money for it.

not worth worrying over.

contact all where you bought it. 



But i used 3rd party application AnTuTu 

when i hold the phone i'm not feeling too much hot just warm but it writes here 55 60 when its at high performance can the app show tempature wrong? 

Helping Hand

Right or wrong all will show varying readings. I use aida64.

Again higher consistent readings is a notable reason for concern regardless of whats utilized in the device.

Its your device and money.

Any benchmarking readings show high.

I can't see the CPU tempature but battery is 29.5 degree now on AIDA64 and on other app it shows between 30 35 for cpu tempature is it normal? I think AnTuTu is showing wrong but i will certainly going to show my phone to samsung engineers
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