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S10 Notifications


So I change from an iPhone to the S10 and I'm liking the phone but having issues with notifications. For all the apps I want to see notifications for I have all the settings ticked to allow them. This is where I seem to be having issues. On the standard messages app I get notifications no problem, it wakes the lock screen when texts are received and shows the badge icon but for other apps I seem to be having issues. WhatsApp will show a notification on the lock screen but it won't wake up the screen to let me know something has come in and the edge lighting doesn't do anything, the same seems to happen with Facebook Messenger. For the Facebook app itself I get no notifications at all, I only know if I have a notification when I open the actual app but the notification settings are set up to show all notifications. I also downloaded the Outlook app for my emails which gives me notificstions on the lock screen but no badge icon appears. Is this an issue with the apps itself or is there just something I'm missing. 


Im having same issue with lighting aswell. Im not recieving a light bar when getting messages email or whatsapp.


I get the light bar with the messages app but not with any others. I have WhatsApp set to use the edge lighting but it only works if I chose pop up notifications within the WhatsApp settings. When I use this setting though it takes me straight into the message from the lock screen and marks it as read so not really practical to have it set up this way.


I am getting notification lights for whatsapp only.


I am not getting them for outlook, text messages or missed calls.


I have spoken to Samsung and they don't seem to have a clue about how to fix this.


What a joke!


Does anyone know how to resolve this?


Download an app from Google play called Always on Edge, such a brilliant app.

You can choose a colour for each app and have the lighting to show when the screen is on or off or both! 


Surely it shouldn't need an app to be able to get notifications though


I agree. I can't live without my notifications so downloaded the app to keep me happy til Samsung find a fix, if they ever find a fix 


and what about when charging phone ? I need red when charging and green when done like in the past


I did try that app though.

Doesn't it bring up a clock whenever you get a notification? 

Strange.... Mine notification does show clock and edge lighting when a notification comes in.
Mayb this is a daft question, maybe you have to tick on 'Display Clock' and choose a clock style then save the app
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