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S10+ Camera, not really "professional" at all....


Can we have a answer from Samsung why does the camera is a mess ? With new captor for selfie at 10 mp and phone with 6mp make better sharp / contrast picture? Remove that horrible post processing softness  !!!! We don't  like it even with beautiful  off we need to be soft come on!


Why HDR is always on even if it's off and why does make you old when it's on? My hair look gray!! I'm brown 


Why the the telephoto  not have the portrait mode !? And why the quality is a mess with de processing and why the night shot are a completely a issue it looks grainy  without any details ! 


SAMSUNG Release 1 update quickly  or I leave.




Check on Google there is some apk look for the one working for you  

I don't want an apk, I want a phone that works well out of the box.
I was talking for the Google camera from pixel 3 app that is not on the play store but yeah me too but here that's not the case

Agree. Camera is the worst part of this excelent phone. This is 10/10 device, but hte camera is trash. 5/10 at max

Do we all think Samsung will provide a software update?

It's still early days but I'm confident that things will only get better from here. Having said that I agree its disappointing to see Samsung use same camera modules as S9 and add Ultra wide - a missed opportunity imo. I would rather focus on improving camera and ditch Bixby


Folks, if you are reading, try downloading the 'Open Camera' app off the Play store.


It rios the OEM software to shreds, proves that the hardware is good and that Samsung need to up their game and privide better  software for post processing. The sharpness is non existent. 


Only downside of using Open Camera, VSCO etc is that you can't use the portrait or wide angle lens...

Google Camera apk is not working very well on my S10+, the wide angle camera does not save the pictures when i snap them...

Overall i'm going to keep the phone because it's still very good on many other aspects compared to my previous iPhone 6s, but i really hope for a software fix on the camera! I always hated the HDR and on this phone it's constantly ON even when i turn it off. Cmon samsung, you're better than this


I can understand why everyone is upset here, we pay super premium price only to realise the camera software is half baked and Samsung has too many A, J, M series to focus resulting in lack of adequate attention to their flagship models which is ridiculous. A recently released phone Mi which is half priced takes better photos and it clearly shows that competitors are focusing on what matters the most, not on some AI assistant which no one cares to use. I’m thinking of returning S10+ but not sure about return policies for pre ordered phones. This is partly due to what I believe Exynos is inferior to SD variants in many ways (day to day use)

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