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S10+ Camera, not really "professional" at all....


I think its a load of bullc**p that developers need a noisy photo to be able to write a fix. 


If there are 1000s of complaints about the camera and low light  photo quality is rubbish and full of noise, all they need to do is take a photo in low light and see the result and freaking fix it. 


Another one is that HDR is always activated in high contrast situations, even when its disabled by the user.  Thats not even a poor quality issue, that is a plain and simple bug. 


Its all just blah blah delay tactics. Pointing the finger at users that they are not reporing the bugs the right way. Come on. I can stomach a poor camera, because I use it for day time photography mainly, but dont come out with this BS  and insult our intelligence. 


Fix the low light quality and fix the HDR bug and we're all happy. Can't take that many resources and time to have someone fix a few lines of code. 


What is really bothering is that they released the Note 10 series with the same issue, and that they ignored this problem ever since Note 9 was launched. Who on earth is testing the camera in that engineering team? How come they managed to broke the well balanced camera from the GS8 series in such horrible manner??

Indoor with natural and artificial light and mid light photography is totally messed up!!



I have been having the same issue for more than 7 months now in with my S10+. It was the most expensive phone on the market when I bought it and it was promised to take the best quality photos too. Samsung has replaced the camera two times, the battery and even the screen but it is still blurry, grayish and horrible compared to any previous models. When I asked for the replacement of the phone, I was told that based on their tests the camera is fine and I should use it as it is they are not even going to make any changes or replacements on it. So disappointed, did not expect it from such premium device especially that Samsung is making a fool of me saying that the camera works perfectly when it is obviously worse than any previous models. I do not know whom to turn to anymore since I have an expensive quite new phone which I had bought because of the camera, the only thing that does not function.




I had a similar issue on my s10e. The focus was not working. It was making the pictures blurry when I wanted to select a certain part of the pic to be focused on.

I got it to the shop. They took it for inspetion. Told me that it was fine and they cant replicate the problem. (which is bs because I gave them a video showing me taking a pic that is far. It was ok quality. And then imediately one where I wanted focus (my watch)) They saw both picture in my report and the video. Still had the stones to tell me that the camera was fine).

I threatened them to sue due to customer rights department. They gave me a new phone. It is now good (the autofocus). Pics are still like someone uped the ISO to 10000000.

Pray that Android 10 and UI will fix this...

My first and last Andrioid phone. I hate apple with passion. But at least I know what I am getting.


P.s- some articles suggest that the image processing is different with SnapDragon CPU and Exynos. (lets not talk about battery). So the fact that Samsung is openly dividing market. Giving USA customers better CPU for LESS money. Is abhoring. Not even Apple does this. (and that is saying something)


Europe has gotten the better processor for years. Now its the other way around. Lets not cry wolf.


@Poncke wrote:

Europe has gotten the better processor for years. Now its the other way around. Lets not cry wolf.

Is that suppose to comfort me? I bought a device. This device, this gen. I am not in favour of anyone getting 2nd rate hardware for the same model.


Not pinning this on USA. I am shaming Samsung for openly discrminating one or other.

Lets not play dumb. This is bad for all or us is around the world. Manufacturers are getting away with it .


I am having S10+ Exynos version from day 0. This is what I observed since then:


a) Photos taken in Auto Mode are having less details and worse texture details than S7, S8, S9.

b) Photos taken in Pro Mode with F2.4 are having the same amount details as S7, S8, S9

c) Photos takein in Pro Mode with F1.5 aperture are even sharper than S7, S8, S9

d) Photos taken in Night Mode in perfect light conditions is one of the best solutions to maintain as much details as possible. I use this settings even outside in sunny days. The camera prefers F1.5 that is a stop sharper than F2.4... I don't know why is that but it is...

e) Photos in Night Mode taken during night and in "low light situations" are the cure on lack of details.

f) S10 camera is a Dynamic Range King, S9, S8, S7 etc. are much worse in this area

g) Some kind of HDR processing is always on even though you turn it off in settings. It helps to maintain amazing dynamic range in cost of fine details. I'd rather have better dynamic range than more detailed image. These tiny details can bee seen in when seeing pictures in 100%... So I don't bother about that.

h) Unfortunately there is some kind of problem between ISO160 and ISO400... Pictures taken in that ISO range looks horrible = like it was taken by cheap LG $100 K10 phone. The same issues have entire Note 10 line-up.  The cure for this is... using Night Mode (seriously... Night Mode is the solution - try it for yourself!). Anyway I think it's a hardware sensor problem because I see a lot of effort from Samsung team to hide this flaw in image processing but no firmware was even close to repair this issue.

i) This entire "AI" scene recognition function it overclocks saturation, gamma, contrast and sharpness of the objects that were recognized. This destroys quality too. Never use it!


Solutions tested by me - a heavy user of any camera I had in my hands:

a) Use Night Mode in all lighting conditions,

b) Turn off Scenario Optimizer / Bixby AI

c) Use 3-rd party software. I use Open Camera and I am really happy with the results. I have checked out S7, S8 and S9 cam vs S10 camera in Open Camera and S10 was always the sharpest one. Open Cam is always using F1.5 aperture and has it's own picture processing engine. So if the RAW data are bad = image processed by OC is bad.

d) Leave HDR in Auto Mode on.


Why do we think we have obsolete camera compared to previous Galaxy S models?

a) Less detailed pictures in Auto Mode,

b) HDR that is always turned on,

c) Image stacking (Image processor decides to take several pictures even before you actually take a picture and decides which one is the best or stacks 2-3 pictures to maintain as much dynamic range as possible even if that action washes details)

d) sensor hardware issue - between ISO160 - ISO400.

e) AI processor isn't working in Exynos E9820/E9825 - it is flawed and you can see it in very low scores (bellow even processors that does not have any Neural Cores...). I think that Samsung wanted to use these Neural Cores to enhance the quality/details of photos. Just like Apple uses it's Deep Fusion technology to enhance details by AI coprocessor. 


Why S10 camera system is the best in the entire Galaxy S line-up?

a) We do have 3 cameras... Ultra Wide Camera is absolutely amazing.

b) We are having best in class dynamic range,

c) You can push S10 Camera to the limits using 3rd party software (Camera App) - results will be better than from previous models,

d) We are having best in class auto focus. I just love AF in S10 camera.


I was pissed off by the S10 camera as a S9+ user. But after some tweaking and learning how this camera behave I started to love this entire camera system. I am traveling a lot and when I show my photos everywhere people asks... which DSLR am I using?  





Though I am on the Snapdragon version, this is very helpful. Thank you for sharing. I feel like I've been fighting this camera to get good shots since day 1. One question I have that was not addressed in your post.. do you have a solution for skin tone processing and capturing moving objects?  


I ask this mainly because I have a 3 month old son and have been struggling to get any worthwhile shots of him using the stock camera. Landscape shots in the daylight and shots of any stationary objects are pretty good on this phone, but you figure the majority of the time that I am trying to take pictures of my son (or dog) will be with indoor lighting after work hours - 6 to 10 PM. And this camera has been enough of a mess in that regard for me to consider moving to the Pixel 4 XL, a phone that I can admit is inferior in just about every way save the quality of still camera shots, the 90hz refresh rate screen, and the timely Android updates (of which most features are already included in One UI, anyway). I'd like to avoid doing that, if possible. But presently, 95% of the aforementioned shots of young son and dog end up with blurriness or skin tones being smoothed and overprocessed to look like a doll. The S8 was far superior in this regard, and Night Mode does not offer a viable solution given that the subject is moving.  


My hope is that Samsung eventually releases a software update that addresses these issues but I'm not holding my breath.

This is my exact problem!
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