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S10+ Camera, not really "professional" at all....


I switched from a Galaxy S8 to a Galaxy S10. I am mostly disappointed with the ultra wide camera that has decent quality only around the center of the image while the rest of it is heavily distorted and blurred. To make things worse, the Panorama mode uses solely this problematic ultra wide camera and results are terrible, which renders this mode useless. In comparison, I did like shooting panoramas with my Galaxy S8 and was happy with the results. I wonder if there is a software upgrade solution to this problem.


Image quality gets worse towards its edges - are you happy with that? Taken with the ultra wide camera.20190411_121715.jpg


I can only agree to everything being said in this thread. I came from an s8 and bought an s10e because i really wanted to get rid of the curved screen (why does this even exist - everything is wrong about it).

Anyways, I feel really happy with the looks and performance of the s10e but the camera feels like such a horrible downgrade and I really regret shelling out 750 euros because of that. The wide angle quality is a joke and the panoramas are useless in comparison to the s8. After using it for 2 months now I think of selling it and going back to the s8 or buy another brand. 

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Absolutely agreed
Panoramic view creates ugly compressed photos.
Also phone is to large to fit my gyroscope
Also it can understand my accent.
My S7 was SO much better. Pity the battery life doesn't last or I'd just return to using it
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After many years with an iphone, most recently an 8+ I got tired of Apple and took the leap and changed to a S10+.  The camera is a massive disapointment.  Nowhere near as good as the iphone.  Horrid colour, artificially sharp, exposure can't handle shadow.  The list is endless.  I'm past the cooling-off period and now I'm stuck with this piece of rubbish.  Should have stayed with Apple.WG-6.jpg


I was just looking at some old pictures I took with my Note 4 and I could cry. What did you DO, Samsung?

Design flaw in the lens. It must be a poor quality piece of plastics on the front. Hoping Samsung fix the sharpness in videos! Photo is okay but the videos shockingly lack clarity and sharpness and noisy. Just a bit better than my s7 plus. And it is clear that youtubers were paid to give glowing reviews. Never should buy into the hype of the marketing again.

Apple has the same issues...horrible image processing, especially indoors. These companies are simply unable to fix their image processing no matter what! I have compared several photos taken with an S8, back in the days and now with a Note 9 and S10. S8 beats the hell out of these two. Samsung managed to mess up big time!


I had S7 before and now S10...what a bad camera! S10 overexposes a lot, very much noise in medium light foto's, it's really really bad. I think I am going te return it. Samsung has a lot of problems with finding the correct F1.5 and f2.4 balance and settings.... What a mess and what a dissappointment.... 


A new update came out today. Anybody has noticed any improvements? 

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