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S10+ Camera, not really "professional" at all....


@Some-dude, dozens of users have reported objectively comparing Samsung's latest lines with previous (older) versions and other low-tier phones.


The fact that my $300 Blackberry objectively makes far better photos than my $1,300 Note 9 is concerning. Samsung S7 taking a better photo of Note 9 as well.


That's not an odd case, we're talking about dozens and dozens of reports by people who aren't just ranting but actually comparing to their old phone, their wife/husband's phone, their kid's phone, usually cheaper and older than Note 10 or S10.


Question still lies. Is this a hardware or software limitation?

Is this something that can/will be adressed by software update? Or the camera is just mechanically bad?


I'm not 100% sure but I managed to find a GCam apk that works well and I've been using it almost exclusively over the past 2 weeks.


The difference is noticeable in most cases. The software is practically unofficial and has some quirks, but comparing Samsung's default camera and even Footej/Open Camera with GCam is clearly different. 


GCam does a lot of post-processing by shooting in HDR. The end result is great, but if HDR is disabled, it's meh but better than Samsung's. Samsung's stock app can't manage colors and lightning properly, resulting in so many burned areas even when a single sunray is visible in the shot. Other apps handle that better.


The blurry problem, according to 2 nights in reddit/xdadevelopers, is due to a slow shutter speed in many cases. I read about 1/12 shutter which isn't sufficient for anything other than static landscapes outside. I tend to take photos of my kid at 1/150 or even faster if she's really moving quickly. Most of my indoors (dark) photos are at 1/50 with GCam and outdoors are up to 1/450 which is really good.


Note: I'm not a professional and I've been doing a combination of tons of testing (Note 9 went out a year ago) and enough reading and comparison. Could be different for S10 and Note 10.


Out of sheer curiosity, where did you get that APK from? I can't seem to find any version that has night sight, as well as having the front and rear camera setups working!


I *think* this was the link I used:


I went through a dozen apks in reddit which didn't work (they crashed right away). The second one for Note 9 worked here. 


Regarding night mode. I'm actually satisfied with the night mode update that Samsung introduced 2-3 months ago so I use their camera at night for static subjects. What XDA advices if you prefer GCam is installing two versions and configuring them differently for day and night. 


I was testing too and this is a reddit thread discussing day/night apps and tips: 


Someone have any new version of gcam for s10?? Or still the latest is nightsight /day/night versions?

I have thousands of saved holiday pics that i have taken over time with various Samsung phones i have had. I have also previously used several Panasonic lumix cameras and when i got my previous S8, i found pictures from this to be of a high enough standard that i actually stopped taking the lumix out with me when on holiday. (Not making a direct comparison just meaning i did not feel the need to take the bulkier camera out with me at night.)
I returned from holiday yesterday and viewed the pictures I had taken on my new S10E on my 55 inch 4K OLED TV.
Loads of the pictures were blurry and were certainly not as sharp as those taken in similar locations and at same time as ones taken before using the S8, in a random slide show it was obvious which pictures were from the S10E.
I have found the cameras and pictures taken on each new galaxy phone i have used to just get better and better, and really looked forward to a similar improvement, without a doubt however, the S10E pictures are the first where they appear worse than the camera before.
I like loads of other apsects of the phone but having an improved camera is one of the first things i look forward to now in a new phone.
I am not saying this lightly as for the first time in many many years i am willing to look outwith Samsung for my next phone and am hoping for a good trade in deal from google when the pixel 4 is launched, this will no doubt cost me a few hundred pounds but that I really feel i have taken a backwards step with this phone.
My final point is why on earth is updating the phone to include food mode or AR doodles considered more important than focussing on sharp pictures, seems like a joke to me.

I bought recently S6 (Sony IMX sensor), S7 (Sony IMX sensor), S8 Plus and my dad is using my oldie but goldie S9 Plus with the newest updates. I compared photos from all these 4 to S10 Plus and no camera was even close to results I get from S10 after all these updates.

So please, stop whining. Seriously. 


Comparing iPhone 6 photos to S10 is a joke. 


The pictures my S10 takes are ***** compared to those of my Note 4, S8 and S7. So no, I won't stop "whining". WE won't stop "whining". Just because you seem to have the single miracle S10 doesn't mean everybody else is wrong.


All the apks available are for the US version. You don't want to break your phone.