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S10+ Camera, not really "professional" at all....

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I'm an Iranian and bought something very hard because of US sanctions, even for me a teacher and I finally got to buy s9, but now I want to choose between s10 and mate 20 pro so please help me 

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Maybe I can buy it
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Which is better


Mate 20 pro for photos is better, but video in low light is poor.
S10 is an overall ok phone/camera, but with very bad medium light photos.

@paulfisk83 wrote:
Yeah, the P30 Pro has such an amazing camera I was able to zoom all the way in on the moon and see two space giraffes feeding on moon dust in 8K clarity, it was amazing!

No! The S10+ Camera is fantastic just people are never happy with anything these days, I tried the P30 Pro for a day and yes the super zoom is very good but not as clear as they make out, the other cameras on the device are sub standard and the actual device is nowhere near as good as the S10+.

The HDR screen, the really good speakers, the camera effects, everything on the Samsung screams quality, the P30 Pro looks and feels cheap when placed next to a S10+ and that is my honest opinion as I was tempted on changing to a P30 Pro too but sooooo happy I didn't.

Samsung really do need to sort this night mode madness out though, why should I have to hold my phone perfectly still for upto one minute to take one picture on night mode?! Really!

The mind boggles 😂

so many not satisfied. how many samsung devices must all buy and for how long and expensive as prices are only going to increase. Problems start when all compare to other devices. I only compare my shots to me, and need not expect p30 quality or otherwise. Sad so many say that other device, when they chose the samsung brand. NO one will be happy until samsung surpasses apple,P3O or otherwise. Note 10,11,12/S11, 12, 13? My photos are spot on any day of the week.


No, the camera is not "fantastic". Pictures taken in ordinary light (not bright sunlight or the dark) are a completely unacceptable grainy mess. And since most pictures are taken in that kind of light unless you live in the Bahamas, Samsung should be ashamed of itself. And don't get me started on the zoom lens, which produces pictures that are no better than those taken using digital zoom. It's almost as if the lens is fake.

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thank you my freind so the camera s10 not better than a mate 20 . Even worse than s9 it is right? 


Front camera is good but the rear ones are not sharp at all compare to front one. İ believe it can be improved by Software updates but we will see how Samsung reacts to its customers opinions. Beside the camera there are lota of bugs in phone too, like washed out screen colors (both in vivid and natural modes) proximity sensor problems, over heating, bad battery calibration etc

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Thanks a lot


Hi Atns


@ants is the developer team aware of the HDR bug? HDR is always on.


When I take a photo with HDR off I can see the original photo in the little round preview circle. But when opening the photo the HDR setting is applied.



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