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S10+ Camera, not really "professional" at all....


@AntS  do you need extra info? Please let me know. 

And great that they have found the problem! 

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@Rooverz , Just to head off any misunderstanding: they haven't found the problem (yet), but the info you sent appears at first glance to be the right sort of info they'd need to do so. I'll let you know if they advise me otherwise though. 


In the meantime, it'd be good for other folks noticing the same issue(s) to send similar reports. 


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I doubt there would have been enough pressure built up in the device to crack the glass, surely if it was pressure it would have escaped from the mic holes, speakers, sim tray and possible the seams between the glass and frame...frames aren't totally air tight.


This does look like a stress fracture but not sure how, maybe an airline fracture from a small impact put under pressure of the constraints of the rigid frame?  That's just got progressively worse until this happened 


What the guys need to look into, is the image processing algorithms. I've had all Galaxy models since the S6, and honestly, the Galaxy S8 was the last to produce great quality photos. I am talking about the over agressive processing of the image, possibly high noise reduction.

Take any photo outside and indoors, and just double tap in the gallery on it to view closer. It's more than obvious that the problem lies with the processing. You lose details and sharpness, and the skin tones indoors look like cartoonish paintings.

As mentioned, I have gone through many models starting with the S6 and up until the S8, included, the camera got better everytime. With the s9 things started to get messy a little. Note 8, Note 9, S9+, all came with the telephoto lens for portrait, which produced absolutely catastrophic quality in Live Focus compared to the older selective focus mode.

It's good that with the S10 you have us the option to take portrait shots with the main camera as well and the results are massively better.

I do not think anyone has expectations for Samsung to produce Pixel quality photos, but at least try not to mess up the once great camera. I remember having the same issues, even worse, with the iphone after IOS 10, and only now, with the iphone XR/XS, Apple started to fix things. Don't go on that road too!


At this price I absolutely expect Pixel quality.


I'm close to the end of my 14 days return policy. Really tough decision. I love the phone as ' a phone ' ( S10e ) but the camera features are disappointing. Using Open Camera app has always given me better results outside but trying to capture pics of my cat indoors has been pretty bad especially if she's moving around, which is most of the time!

The wide angle looks like it has a painterly filter applied to it, just awful. Again, Open Camera does a better job here so it must be down to Samsung sofware processing.

Been testing like crazy & always found that Samsung over saturate, over expose & massively over sharpen to the point of ruining most shots.

Tempted to send it back and get Pixel 3 ?


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P30 quality.


Would have bought a P30 but with all the lawsuit stuff going on......?


Further testing today at home. 5pm, sunny day, indoors but reasonable amount of natural light.

Pretty much awful results from different apps. The only time I got OK result was from Samsung main app with the flash!?

Which is nuts because I didn't need a flash at all but it somehow made the short look half decent, weird!



Please shoot some fotos and after that sent the logfile and the foto's with the samsung members app like samsung described some posts back in this forum. 

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