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S10+ Camera, not really "professional" at all....


There are some differences, but still bad photo quality in medium lighting conditions (indoors for example) see attached pictures. Both taken with the newest may 2019 camera firmware, one on auto modus (f2.4) the other one on pro mode (f1.5). 20190602_091330.jpg


Screenshot_20190602-092151_Software update.jpg









Horrible quality indeed...what on earth is Samsung doing?


Can Samsung react on this? Is this going te be changed in feature software updates, or do they keep it this way? 


Samsung??? Can you please react??? 


Can Samsung please reply on this issue?? 


Well this kind of sucks. I have an s7 and I really need to upgrade. I was about to get a s10e but now I see this thread I really think I shouldn't. I think the loss of detail you see when you pinch to zoom on the photos is due to oversharpening. Samsung needs to update their camera software to be like apples. It's so much better



I have an S7 Edge with a smashed screen (tbh, the only reason I upgraded) and I can categorically URGE you to not replace your phone with the S10 (any model) as it is not an upgrade. 


The S7 range was so far ahead of its time when launched and that has allowed it to still be relevant today, albeit trading blows with the new mid-range devices. 


The S10 on the other hand, was hyped up so much and failed to deliver on every single aspect.



Hello... did they do something on this complaint? and my wife had s7edge and I think that's really more sharper than this camera..i am so frustrated with my photos now...not deserving for a 1000euro phone..

@AntS?? What does Samsung comment on this? 


So after having this Samsung Galaxy S10+ for just over 3 months I've decided to learn from this and sell it! 


Lucky I didn't sell my Galaxy Note 8 which this S10+ was meant to replace but I honestly can't let that one go when it takes better pictures day and night than this S10+. 


I will miss the speakers and sound on the S10+ as they are excellent but many many things let this "flagship phone down" 


The cameras  all of them have various issues, not what I expected from a much newer device that promotes these new cameras so much, they are poor! The wide angle camera is honestly rubbish as it loses so much detail, zooming in you might as well forget it. 


I love the live focus effects but that is just software which I'm sure I can find a ported version for the Note 8.


Im actually still really shocked how poor the whole camera setup and system is on this phone. Samsung have really really really let its loyal customers down. 


It doesn't really affect me as I will get rid of this one but the problem for Samsung is word of mouth, everyone at my work for example have all said how they will never touch a Samsung again and I work for a company with 25,000 people so you know the general impact these things have  


I'm used to Samsung having pretty poor customer service but this is extreme as they were fully aware they was promoting a camera system on this phone which cannot deliver on what they promoted. 


So this phone is going back to where I bought it via the UK sales of goods act ,they have already agreed to have it back luckily! This is why you should always buy online!


Last thing ... 

The back glass on this phone cracked while charging last week while it was just charging as normal, the heat increase obviously caused the glass or plastic to expand making the top part of the glass crack all along...  


Thanks for a wonderful experience Samsung! 

You really have lost a very loyal 10 year customer here. 



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