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S10 Camera Saturation Problem


I took some picture with my s10 in these days. I use to edit the pictures for social network like Instagram using lightroom. The main problem is that the colors look good on the s10 but when my friends look at my pictures from other devices, the colors are completelly different ansd my pictures looks really bad in terms of colors. The main problem is the saturation. When I look at my Instagram profile all my old pictures taken with another samsung device looks very desaturated. I alredy tried to put the screen mode on vivid but the differences are very small.

Anyone experienced the same isssue?

Did you update the s10 by any chance? My colours on the screen and through camera look terrible and washed out, very grey after the update. Ive tried everything I can think of changed settings factory reset etc. So I have decided to send the phone back.

Yes I updated the phone the day after I bought it, so I don't know if the colors were ok before

It's probably to do with the update then. As mine was completely fine until I updated it as well and then that happened. I've decided to send it back and replace it with another one but not update for a while
How can you send your phone back? Once opened and used etc,I'm considering doing the same but how do u go about doing so
How did you purchase it? I got mine online as an upgrade through O2 so I get a 14 day change of mind policy and a 30 day exchange policy. I'm glad I did get it online as an in store purchase is exempt from those rules. I learnt that the hard way with a Huawei phone a couple of years ago and I was stuck paying for a phone i hated.
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Good evening, even on my new s10 I was disappointed with the quality of the photos.
I had my galaxy s6 edge that made some great photos, while with s10 the photos are out of focus.
I have tried in various ways but the photos do not satisfy me absolutely.
Do you also confirm that it is not possible to set the resolution of the photos?
If I wanted to choose to take a low quality or high quality photo, isn't it possible?
In the settings you can change the quality of the videos but not the photos, can you confirm it?
I really hope things work out with some software updates or else I'm really disappointed in the look of the camera.

As a temporary solution:

Turn the blue light filter on,  go to the screen settings and put the opacity to the 15% more or less. The colors are now good.

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It's a definite issue.  The stock Samsung camera app is auto-processing the images.  It does this with HDR on / off OR with Scene Optimizer on / off.  Shadows are brightened.  Color is saturated.  It looks a lot like boosting the "vibrance" setting in Adobe LightRoom.


Under overcast skies, this isn't a huge problem.


However, when you have really good light and/or you're in an environment with heavy bright/dark contrasts, the Samsung camera app is going to give you quite an unrealistic looking picture.  Darks and shadows will get brightened.  If you have green, such as landscape, in  your picture... forget it.  The greens get boosted something ridiculous.


I've installed the Google Camera port on my S10.  Images come out realistic and lifelike. 


I really like the Samsung app and the features that go with it.  However, I'm totally ditching it and using nothing but the Google Camera app if:

  • Samsung devs can't figure out how to make a lifelike and realistic image
  • Google Camera app gets functionality across all 3 lenses

Here's the comparison:

  • Top image is from Google Camera on my S10.  Realistic.  Lifelike.
  • Bottom image is from the stock Samsung camera app.  Greens way over saturated.  Shadows and darks brightened.  Overall image is brightened. You don't see much blue in the sky.


Come on Samsung!  Get this color issue resolved.  I really like the stock Samsung camera app and want to continue to use it.  It's getting beat badly by the Google Camera app (a port that still in development!)

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I can't find a Google Camera app in the play store. What is the exact app name?

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