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S10 Caller cant hear me microphone issue solved(ish!)


I have had huge issues with people not being able to hear me. I have sent back the phone for repair and they have sent it back to me (without my charger!) with the same issue but say nothing is wrong and it is my network provider. Which it isn't cos my new sim works fine in every other phone. I have recently figured out that when I speak into the bottom microphone my voice  comes across muffled and really quiet, but if I speak into the microphone at the top of the phone the caller can hear you!  I am going to sort this out with samsung but hope this helps anyone going through the same thing as me cos it's been driving me crazy!!!

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I'm not surprised your unimpressed with this @Nats83 


I would be too.


Was it Samsung or your network that supplied the phone ?

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I went to Samsung who replaced the motherboard but the issue is not solved. Most of the time people cannot hear me. Samsung have said it is a network issue but that does not explain why I can be heard by everyone when I switch to speakerphone. Please can someone help!
I bought the phone outright from who directed me to samsung for support.
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