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S10+ Battery drain even when off


this is my second phone,  the battery life was good until the April update

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Yes!!  So much so I had to dig out my old iPhone 6s and charge whenever I go on trips or travel for work. Very disappointing, I wanted to change from IOS to Android but Samsung is not winnning my business.

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8 apps with usage from 1.5% on down. I have many apps turned off and notifications too.


I put the 10s on the charger about 2-1/2 hours ago at 92% charged.  Didn't sue at all. Now it is 65%.


I notice while on charger the phone seems busy or active not quiet and staying in an off screen.,


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I am having the same issue. 


When the phone is off / shutdown it is using two percent per hour. 


When in airplane mode and every app is off it is using about two percent per hour. Or 93mAh.


It is beyond frustrating becacuse I rely on the phone when doing outdoor pursuits for multiple days in the backcountry. This used to be a good phone for that and I could use it for days without a charge. Now, I have no control over the battery consumption. And turning it off to save battery does no good. 


Mine has been doing that ever since I owned it. It is a sercondary back up phone and used infrequently.  so I turn it off. when it is off more than a day or 2 it is always no battery %

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