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S10 Battery Drain


@HelionPrime wrote:

Guys I found the solution:


1) Uninstall all apps

2) Turn off WiFi

3) Turn off LTE

4) Turn off Bluetooth

5) Set brightness to O%

6) Turn on airplane mode just in case you forgot to turn off something 

7) Turn off phone


Now your battery will last at least 1 day 






Guys - I just found something VERY odd...if you search in your settings for "special access" and scroll down to "Wifi Control" you will see a good selection of apps which can control your wifi - I suspect that there is battery drain associated with this, particularly when using 4G - I don't know if anyone can confirm as I did a Google search and NOTHING has come up about it, but I wonder if these apps which have these permissions are pinging looking for addition to your phone...anyways I've turned all apps off and will see what happens.


Did anyone got their device changed/replaced and did it solve the issue?

I mean it could be a hardware battery issue with our devices!?


Asking because i am being given the option of getting my device changed/replaced. so wanted to know if i should go for it?


Doesn't hurt to try. I had my device replaced as my first one was found to be faulty (the GPS)  I think I have slightly better battery on this one than my first one but it's a toss up, really.

Had my s10 plus over a week it drain too fast. Very disappointing comparing to s6 edge when I first got it then after a while it started draining so had to use power/eco mode to save power. The t

This has gone the same way after only a few days.

Smartphone companies desparately need to massively improve the battery as a paramount forget all the camera, sound andscreen improvements it's the battery life people need the most.

How about we take it out of here and we start using social media? Once this is out and in different media platforms, they won't ignore it.


We need to warn potential users so they stop purchasing this joke of a phone and Samsung does something about it once their sales see a decrease...


I've made some additional changes and I think it has helped...


- I've changed the app wifi control access with the exception of Tasker which needs to control my wifi as I have it turning on/off at specific times


- I finally got the updated Chrome which supports dark mode


- I disabled the Samsung email app and am using Outlook app (for now as I can't automate the syncing on it so may change) instead. Was having problems sending emails via the Samsung email app and also having issues receiving them anyways 


- I have turned off autosync entirely on the phone - the downside to this is that my phone won't back up to Google this way - I am trying a few experiments with Tasker to try to automate this somehow but am still playing around with it (still receive notifications by doing this including whatsapp)


I am at nearly 1.5 hours SOT and am at 77% battery life - note that I only charge my phone to 93% before going to bed as it drains 3-4% overnight (the almost 10% drain a few weeks back seem to have disappeared....) so really at 87% battery life if I had of charged my phone to 100% overnight and unplug when I leave for work. 


I think some other stuff has been pushed to the phone as my keyboard does weird things now - it's not uncommon for this to happen without doing any formal updates but we will see. 




What a fantastic Idea.  I'll go setup a facebook group now and post the link on here for all to join.  Social Media I also think is the only way someones going to sit up and take notice.


Link to follow

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Screenshot_20190508-112002_Digital wellbeing.jpg


So I'm a bit of a loss what to do next. I've emailed Samsung and they've got me to send an error report to them to take a look at why my battery is draining so fast.


It seems very inconsistent day to day. For example this time yesterday I had used the phone more than they I have today and was on a higher battery percentage.


The phone has literally drained 42% of its battery from 5.5 hours of not really doing anything with it!


It's a shame as it's such a great phone other than this. How would I go about getting another one as this clearly can't be right? 

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