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S10 Battery Drain

Sell it there flag ship starting to be a sinking ship and what do they bring in their new update better camera and WiFi lmfao im so done with this phone

well, after july update for me phone goes into another life! Now my battery lasts 2 day. Disconettect from power my phone yesterday 02 august at 6.30 am and now at the time of writing ( 03 august at 2.14pm) my battery is 51%. Don't know what's appened but i did nothing special, so i think it was the update. Now is the best android phone! Is the same for  somebody else?


What type of usage? Wifi or LTE


i'm working far from home, so wifi the evening when come back to hotel , from 7.30 am to 7.00 pm LTE and galaxy watch.


No not really. It's getting control of the apps to not work when not in use. I assume the update is starting to address. Still need yo manually update if you go down this channel. Yhr best I donid about 5 hours full use.


Hey everyone, thanks for all your opinions and suggestions. I was about to by S10e because it was the same price like Iphone8 but after reading so bad reviews I decided to buy Iphone 8 and I can tell you that the battery runs perfect. So, I am sad to change to Iphone after 4 years of using S6 but it seems that Samsung doesnt fix this problem.  Good luck. Julio

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Can u help us out man!

Dont no what to do. Tried flashing firmware. Nothing seems to work.

It would be much appreciated if u can guide what to do to fix this battery issue!




The only TT Hong I suggest is visiting a Samsung store.


No wonder my old s7 edge drains battery quickly even after replacing the battery.  Now I am using LG V30+ and battery it's like a nuclear plant.  


does using accubattery app can solve the issue ?  has anyone using the app cause thinking about switching to regular s10 but people say s10+ has much better battery life.

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