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S10 Battery Drain


17 hours light use 51% 13hours 50 mins left 

power mode optimised

adaptive power saving on and night mode on. bixy on 


frist couple of days is was bad but getting better and better now 


Some good news.

I popped into the O2 store earlier and got to speak to a Samsung rep in person, (very convenient) she told me the same the person did on the phone. That the battery is adapting to our daily use patterns and should get better over time. The more we wait the better it'll get. 

So some positive news, also seeing a few people saying it's getting a bit better everyday, further proving this.

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I'm sure you can turn off the always on display from settings  My phone also loses battery when not using it. I took my phone off charge before I went to sleep at full charge and at half 6am it had lost 10 percent and even with phone in pocket while at work it loses power while idle. We shouldn't have to turn off certain features to maximize battery otherwise what's the point of adding them to the phone

Spoke with Samsung customer support who were very helpful and logged into my phone remotely. After a wipe. It is now much improved and I have 20h+ of battery time.

I didn't sign up to wiping my phone after 6 days of first buying it, especially after paying £1000. Utterly ridiculous!


Did you do a full phone reset?

Yes, a full backup and restore. The other explanation they gave is that it takes a week for the phone to figure things out. However, it seems there was a software glitch which was causing the fast drain.
It's not too bad if you backup and restore via the cloud

Has it definitely done something since resetting? I'd rather not go through it all if not 

For me, yes. But it might be different for you. I only had 14h battery life pre reset.
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