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S10 Battery Drain

About phone, contact us, scroll down to Samsung members, then scroll to support, send feedback and report about battery and charging and explain the problem. The more of us that do this the more likely we'll get a result.

Hi All, I am using s10+ and I observed that even in the nyt the battery is draining without any use.

Before I go bed my battery was 90% and by the morning I woke up and see the battery it came down to 68% almost 22% battery used with out any use. I have been observing this from last 3 nights.  I have tried all battery saving options but issue still same. 


I am getting a similar issue.... Spent almost £1000 for a lemon ! The backlash is coming soon if this is not fixed! 

SAMSUNG ! Pay attention ! Put a message out to reassure us !

Yes im getting some ridiculous battery drain on my S10, 3hrs SOT,
Also reported on feedback

Yeah what you guys are experiencing isn't normal. I have the exynos s10+ and easily get a day of use out of my phone.


I charge it to 80% before going to bed and wake up to about 72-74% remaining and continue to use that through the day. It's been like that since day 1 too.


My Fiance's s10 doesn't last quite as long as my s10+, but nothing as drastic as what y'all are experiencing.


How heavily are you using it though? 

Games? Video? What's your brightness.

Itd be really weird to have a bunch of faulty phones rather than some overall problem. Or maybe a software issue


Have changed screen settings to HDR+and battery has improved,havealso switched bluetooth off when not using it.

Started at 100% at 7am and am now at 77% at 3pm


Mainly facebook and general use.


Recently started playing games, but thats been around the time I started topping the phone up on a wireless charger through the day instead of doing a large charge at night. I'll maybe go back to charging it at the end of the day so I can get another reference point for how much battery my phone uses.


Yeah we're all going off of an overnight charge with no charging throughout the day  

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I have the same issue on my s10. In airplane mode and medium power saver and I'm losing around 30% overnight. Never had this problem on my s7, 8 or 9. I'd lose maybe 2 or 3% overnight using same method.

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