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S10 Battery Drain


123 pages and still no fix or reply from samsung  this is just crazy i still lose so much % every hour  every day charge last time in 10 years i will not buy a samsung again they dont have any honor 


Really it has battery issue? I was thinking to buy it.


Hi all

Same issue here in New Zealand. Just brought a new Galaxy S10 last weekend and I cant believe the battery drain. Its far worse than my 2 year old iPhone X (I only switched to Samsung as the ios 13 update ruined my iPhone).


As so many have aleady stated we should not have to switch to low screen resolution and switch off all the features to make the battery last for a reasonable time. It was advertised as 3400mAH, but I know of at least one App that reports it as 2500mAH wonder if thats closer to reality. Anyway it is so dissapointing. I have changed resolution to lowest, turned off everything, and since I charged it this morning  it has been on for 1 hour 22 min with 28 min SOT and batt now at 91% and dropping fast.

The Iphone X would still be at 100% and as for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro it runs movies and all day with great battery life.

What a shame as the S10 is a beautiful well appointed phone.

Samsung needs to step up and offer a fix.


Cheers all

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It may be related to mobile network.
I have suffered a lot about 3 months after buying the phone. For the last two month the problem is gone. Before i used a subscription from a network provider(teletalk) in my country, which is reputed bad for poorly optimizes network. The day i switched to new network provider which has a moderate reputation(Grameenphone) in my country my battery drain problem is gone. On the older network i used to get 3-5 hr of SOT on a 10-13hr usage and idle battery drain was 3% per hr. Now I'm getting 5-7hr SOT on a 16-22hr usage with no power saving whd+ regulation. For me the culprit was bad network and the phone was fine. Try switching network provider (if possible). And see if ur device is faulty or its just badly optimised network?
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I am actually using my S10 from around 12 hours every day and I spend at least 1 and half hour per day on mobile game.

Of course, when I am not using my phone, like when I walk on the street or when I work, I try to cut the mobile data as much as possible to save my battery, but I don't often need to turn ON the battery saving mode.


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