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S10+ Battery Drain

Mine was mostly on LTE. I had 30-40 minutes on Wi-Fi of Youtubing, but the Youtube Music and most of the Youtube was on LTE.
Just on wifi it is irrelevant. The problems seem to be present when using the phone on cellular data..LTE
Right now I have been using Spotify for 3,30 hours plainly with cellular data (Spotify is a BIG ***** power consumer as well). I actually do not know if this is good or not. 76% battery left right now and I have approx 1 hour of SOT. Only LTE activated, no BT or GPS or anything else.

I just noticed problems with my phone as well. Phones is 16 days old. Went to the store this morning and came back, 24% battery drain in 1hr 49min. What the hell?

I agree, I'm in the U.S. and I know what bands are available on a particular tower near me I connect to, plus I can see them. My phone constantly strains to hold on to the weaker lte band over switching to the stronger 66 band available. This is definitely a software issue with the networking, that IMO at this point with all the complaints should have been fixed by now. When I first got my OP6, the device had the same issue with LTE and Wifi, within a month they rolled out a fix. There is ZERO excuse that a company like Samsung hasn't fixed this issue yet.

Same here in Germany. I called Samsung and they told me that there is no known issue. They told me there was an issue with the fingerprint sensor which caused drain and that got fixed. What a joke! That company sucks in terms of customers service. I had all Galaxy's except for the S9. S10+ is a brilliant smartphone, but those southkorean guys give a ***** on customers. Next time i will see for another manufactor with more modern customers service quality that matches the high-end price of that phone. Sadly mobile phone providers get the ***** back from your customers. If i would lead their customer service, that would be a complete overhaul. Who flies high, can fall very deep. Like Nokia or others did before. Here in Germany, Samsung's image is clearly decreasing. 

The same here in Sweden.

"No, we have not heard that there are any problems with the battery".

ha ha ha . Their support s.u.c.k.s and they dont give a *****, just like EA Sports, releasing a new improved product every year, only sales matters. At least it feels like that. That is a big difference to companies like amazon, apple or audi who are very interested in happy customers. the internet is full of people with battery issues on samsung devices.


@Gonzo28 wrote:

Next time i will see for another manufactor with more modern customers service quality that matches the high-end price of that phone.

Good luck with that! Having just switched over from Huawei and prior to them Nokia, they all have rubbish customer service in my opinion! Nokia were great for providing users with the latest software updates but offered poor hardware (well here in the UK at least) as many of their phone models varied in spec depending on what country you purchased the device from. Huawei offered great hardware but software updates are pretty non existant here in the UK and features such as GPU Turbo have been removed from UK models. OK, I'm new to Samsung and i'm aware of their downfalls too (so called crappy S10 UK processor), prior to Huawei I was an Apple user and I had issues with them too! Time will tell how well I get on with Samsung but so far, performance wise, I have no issues.

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