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S10 Battery Drain

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I was hearing some strange clicking noises while i was lying down on my bed.
Surprise surpise it was my s10+.
The noise was coming from the fingerprint sensor. Even without using the phone for like 10-15 minutes the noise was still there.
Is it possible that the Drainage is due to the sensor constantly being active ??


@dave482 wrote:
let us know how u get on pls cheers

What drain

Anyone can do that.

They better fix this fast even my s9 batt was way better i pay so much money for this phone everything is disable and still the phone is empty in 16 hours 🤨if this not get fixed we all should not buy there next phone
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Still not happy with my devices battery. I took it to a Samsung store around 6 weeks ago and they replaced the battery.


Since then it has been okay but I still dont think it's as good as it should be. I won't go into to every example of it but it's things like it will drop 2% within 10 mins of me waking up even though all I have done it refresh twitter and leave it idle. On 4G doing is spend a couple of mins browsing something and it loses a 1%. The worst being when I took a 1 minute video, sent it on WhatsApp and lost 4% battery.


Cutting a long story short. I'm going to do a full reset to see if it makes a difference. I'm not keen on setting it up as a new phone as I want to restore it from backup but have been reading that it's better to set it up from scratch. Is this true? If so is me going a factory reset and then restoring from backup not going to do anything to help the battery life?


I have a s10+ battery life is shocking, can go from a full charge to 49% within two hours without even touching it. 


I get 3 hours SOT!!

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nice solution...perfect! 


After having an Honor phone, I only changed as the chaos that Haw we I ok s going through. 

So my first Samsung. S10e. 

What a joke. Dreadful dreadful battery life. Awefil type assist. Ok be changed every setting and they certainly don't comply. Even the so called camera i dreadful. 

Just literally watching it drain as I type with very setting to preserve battery life. I sell mobile phones. I'll personally never buy a Samsung again. 

I've got two years left to f this dreadful phone.


Mine laTS 3 hrs as prolific user. Huawei phone at even mid range is 7 hrs.

I turned everything to sleep possible. Dreadful phone battery. Lost 3%

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