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S10 Battery Drain

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Really hope Samsung do soemthing about this asap because this is annoying that a phone with 4100mAH (one of the biggest on the market right now) battery won't last you even a day!!

i mean almost 20hours battery time with just 4 hours SOT is really disappointing.

Who would agree with me?


@TJ4 I am really confused by this whole battery drain thing.  Spoke to samsung who deny theirs a problem and have advised me to turn off various things and I should get good battery life.


So to cap it all off,  in order to get good battery life and got to....


1) Turn off Wifi

2) Turn off Mobile Networks

3) Turn off NFC

4) Dim my screen

5) Turn off Battery Optimisation


Basically from what they tell me im to stop using it as a smart phone,  and just use it for calls.  Cant use Internet with no wifi or mobile data.  Cant pay for stuff with NFC.  CANT SEE MY SCREEN AS TOO DIM. And Battery optimisation is off.


I am on the verge of giving up.


Oh and now they want me to travel to Leicester to a samsung outlet.





Did you mention this thread? You'd think this 110 page monster on their own forums would be hard to ignore.

So, basically turn all off. Great advice for a 1000€ price tag device. Meanwhile other brands accomplished great battery with all functions enabled! (Who mentioned p30p?).

Seem to have hit a new low for battery life 😂😂 70% left with 33 minutes of screen on time. Screenshot_20190507-125302_Settings.png





I mentioned the various threads and they say the forums are nothing to do with them.  They said the only thing i could do was takle my phone to nearest service centre and then wait.


Im not going to order the Galaxy Fold.  The price tag is too high and the service is too low to be spending that much on a new phone so soon after this debarcle. 


They are going to lose loyal customers.  This is supposed to be the biggest battery on the market but im not getting anywhere near since the april update.


Saying that since 7:30am i've only used 5%.   Is that good or bad?



Ok so at the moment I have about 22% left. To be honest getting about 5 hours or more screen time and Andover 15 hour charge doesn't seem too bad, maybe my phone is learning my habits? I basically turned all battery saving options off and just have it on optima battery setting. 


They suggested battery optimization off? Isn't that supposed to help save battery? I'm confused.


Guys I found the solution:


1) Uninstall all apps

2) Turn off WiFi

3) Turn off LTE

4) Turn off Bluetooth

5) Set brightness to O%

6) Turn on airplane mode just in case you forgot to turn off something 

7) Turn off phone


Now your battery will last at least 1 day 





So still no solution for the battery problems which is frankly shocking for a flagship phone costing what it does. On top of that I still have not received my free galaxy buds I was promised 30 days after release date despite me sending about 5 emails chasing them up.


Shocking customer service from Samsung. Anyone reading this considering buying one should go for an alternative brand as it will save you so much hassle.

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