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S10+ Battery Drain


After doing the geekbench test check for motherboard,if it says universal 9820 then you have the exynos model


Mine says exactly that


So why oh why am i draining so fast.


86% now and it was taken off charge at 100% at 7:30am.


Prior to the update i was getting amazing results.


Im open to ideas.


hould I push Samsung for a phone with a qualicomm Snapdragon processor?  


You won't be able to get one from Samsung.  You'd have to purchase from a re-seller that has region-unlocked the phone ala SIM card    I was tempted to do this previously and thought I would purchase straight from Samsung but now....


which processor is better though?


Snaperagon is said to be the best one


I have another problem on my s10+.I comparee the wifi speee test of s10+ and my old s7 edge and s7 edge connection speed was far better.Who else is experiencing slow connection.And it is frustating because i notice a slight lag while playing online games which wasn't the case with my s7


I have bought an s10+, UK so the exynos variant. So i am unable to gain more than 4.30 hours of screen time any day since I bought the mobile around 40 days before.

Completely ridiculous as the snapdragon version in the US seems to be giving screen times of nearly 9 hours which is almost double than what the exynos chip is capable of currently.

And given the wear and tear for the money spent this phone sure wont last an year with this limit of the battery and we will have to empty out our pockets to get the battery replaced. 

Such a pain in the back. I don't think this can be fixed with a software update as this clearly is a hardware limitation.

Samsung should just shut up and accept it and give the affected customers atleast some sort of compensation, or simply provide them the snapdragon variant. And just for info, I have been running my device on all possible optimizations available and 1080p resolution. 4.30 hours is the best the exynos variant can return. 


Hey guys i am noticing sth strange about my phone's battery.I charged it during the day yesterday and it was draining way faster than normal eventhough i barely used it.For 10 hours i lost 60% with 2 hours screen on time which is awful.I don't really know what's going on with my phone.Sometimes i get a strong battery life which means losing one percent in 6-7 minutes and when i pick the phone up again it loses one percent every 3 minutes which is pretty annoying bcs every time i pick up the phone i see it have got 1% less

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