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S10 Battery Drain

yes i am using wifi always
bro i was saying i use my phone 24 hours
i get 4 hours screen time in that 24 hours
but still i get 47 percent battery left
so 4 hours screen time i am geting in 53 percent battery
did u get my point








U can see guys these are my regular screen shots of my usage

I charge my phone after 1 day

And still my battery is almost half remaining

And screen time 3 to hours with half battery

I use full time wifi and youtube and whatsapp and browser for my this forum

I had to do some changings

Even i have flashed my phone also with full stock firmware for a different coyntry

And i had some internal changings also in settings

So for me its workjng absolutly fine for now



@Practicallygeek wrote:

@dani8501 wrote:

Screenshot_20190421-104814_Package Disabler Pro.jpg


Screenshot_20190421-104810_Package Disabler Pro.jpg

Install package disabler pro 15.0


Its working for android 9

Disable these unneccesary apps

And use medium power saving mode

U will get 8 hours of screen time

my battery is still 53 percent and screen time is 4 hours now

its been a day left 


still i have 53 percent battery


Sounds good buddy but the point I think a lot of people are making is should we have to run off power saving? Should we have to disable things? Should we need to go through a long set up process to achieve stats that the phone should get out the box? 


Easy answer is no, sure there are many apps people won't use and can be disabled but we shouldn't need to do this. I can say for sure in my case that 4G data is crippling the battery over Wifi - over two days i've seen the comparison and it's so insane. 


In terms of package disabler - did you download this from play store or download the apk? Require root access? 

i agree with you,  we bought this phone and got promised all day battery, so we do not have to disable apps etc.. that is just wierd. i repaired mine yesterday i got new screen, motherboard and battery - but still the same battery life as i had before i changed it.



i also agree with u guys

but for the moment we dont have any solution so what u are expacting
we got no choice for now
i spoke to samsung team as well many times they have no idea about this issue
they said straight we dont see any issues with our s10 series
so until they know about it we got no choice

your phone is pretty much idlle .....this is not proof that you use your phone all facebook..etc 


what did you disable ?


Guy's I haven't replied for a few days- been sorting out with EE my options

Here goes - My S10 Plus will go back in a few days - EE will wipe my contract clean and I can either upgrade as it was when I start S10 upgrade or cancel contract. This would mean not having a phone for a day or two till EE received this back and then me placing order for new phone. 


Since then I've taken line out so new number and gotta the P30 Pro - I hated doing this and still feeling bit on edge - My S10 will go back and be cancelled so all good and EE were actually really great doing this as they really didnt have too. 


Want to hear something though . . . . I've had my P30 Pro on since around 4pm yesterday - it started with 52% battery out the box - its now on 14% and only been turned off to do latest update - now I'm not claiming its amazing and the reason why is because today ive put my new sim in and its on 4G - What do think happened????? Battery drain yep on 4G on this totally different brand its also chewing battery. 


Now guys it may be a placebo affect but I do think today the P30 Pro has drained quicker - I'm also not saying this could be a 4G signal issue - end of the day there are so many S10 on here all having similar issues . . . . 


So I've had ongoing battery drain issues on EE LTE in the UK . Today, I've been walking around in a German city without WiFi and it's the same issue. 

10h on battery, 1h47 on screen and only 26% battery left. Even writing this message ate 3%. 


@TimC80 wrote:

So I've had ongoing battery drain issues on EE LTE in the UK . Today, I've been walking around in a German city without WiFi and it's the same issue. 

10h on battery, 1h47 on screen and only 26% battery left. Even writing this message ate 3%. 

I'm gonna keep checking back on this forum even after my S10+ goes back - I want to know what happens - okay so maybe its how the S10+ handles incoming 4G signal - surely battery would drain quicker using wifi? seems not in our cases.

But then I'm pretty certain the same thing is happening with my P30 Pro :/ Its sitting here draining while screen off. 


Very interesting PG!!  Maybe it's an Android Pie issue because my friends P20 Pro will go 2 days on a single charge and she's not exactly a tech person and hasn't updated her (by this I mean I'm 95% sure she is still running Android Oreo lol!!)  


As an additional FYI, TONS of posts have been happening on XDA forums lately about S10 battery drain with a number of people also recently claiming HUGE overnight battery drain (anywhere from 10-20%) and I think I read the same is happening even where people have turned stuff off and put on airplane mode. I think the SD are largely affected in the States but I'm sure I read the Exynos version as well.  I will take my 3% battery drain overnight anyday (for around a 7-9 hour period)!

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