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S10 Battery Drain


I imagine they can only respond to people's issues if those folk have highlighted they have one.  I guess the best thing would be to make sure if there is an issue, get onto Samsung and make them aware that you are having battery issues, and that you already tried x, y and z.


mine was ok yesterday in fact it was perfect,  today not so good at all. im at 78% and its been off charge since 7:30am this morning and its now 13:07pm


No sign of a firmware update either as Vodafone are being silly again and vague


Samsung's support in some regions is unaware of the situation. I just informed the greek support via chat. They said they don't have an official answer and that they are waiting too for an update as are we. Since they don't have an official answer , they wouldn't insure me that they would take my device for a new one. I'm just letting you know. If you are one of us that have an issue, contact the support and let them know. It might make the proccess faster.




The issue described here reminds me of my S8 (not plus) which I received via pre-order, and the battery life sucked hard and I hated that phone with passion. Hope you all S10 affected folks get a remedy soon.


So with my S10+ 1TB, after doing what I have described a few pages ago (disable background operation of YouTube, Instagram, + pester some Location-service offenders, + uninstall any app I don't need), I'm looking at a 30 hour battery life.

The bigger dip from around 70% to 50% was a 1 hour shooting session at the beach with my dogs (about 100 pics and some videos/slo-mo/super-slo-mo), + lots of sharing via Messenger.

So the biggest difference is that when the phone is idle, it's really idle, and not really using too much battery.




Have you tried going to Settings - Software Update - Download and Install??? That's how I got mine today!

To the person who noticed Bixby Voice (sorry I cant remember your sn!) - I had the same thing. So, as a result I uninstalled all Bixby services with the exception of Bixby routines. But my battery drain remains the same.


To the person who posted about a replacement...I think in the EU they would be ordered to do something as what happened with Apple and the battery draining issue - consumers tend to have a lot of rights.  But I'm wondering if I should ask for a replacement device now (by ask I mean demand) and use any appropriate legal knowledge to get it fixed.... haha. I feel like I am getting better battery than a lot of people but nowhere NEAR my Sony which had a slightly smaller battery and had more services running


I should probably state that I have both Bixby and Google Assistant listening even with display off.

Also my AOD is on 24/7, but on the lowest brightness.

I will return my S10 tomorrow and get a Note 9 instead. The S10 is unusable for me.

All hope is lost 

Installed latest firmware update today and BATTERY LIFE STILL SUCKS :(

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