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S10 Battery Drain

BHattery Usage

7h 9m ago

The estimated battery life is based on your usage over the last 7 days

7h 9m on Battery
screen 4%
device idle 4%
android os 4%
How long has the screen been in use?
Screen on time is much of your battery consumption has been used by the "screen" time wise.
To get this figure go to Settings > Device care > Battery > Battery usage, the next when will list out which used the most battery. You should see "Screen" listed somewhere in the list with a time the screen has been on

@Curt_Interludes wrote:

@Fudgy31 wrote:
what do you mean screen on time? The screen is off and comes on when i pick up the phone. its sitting on my desk in front of me and i use it when i want to use it. I have not changed my behavour since getting it. I even went out dinnertime and had it connected to my cars bluetooth playing spotify. Does that help you?

Screen on time is a good way of decerning how the battery life is really doing,

go into settings,

devise care,


battery usage, then post how long you have been using the device (not just idle) 20190325_164808.jpg

This is a screen shot from my note 9. Here is the screen on time


I'm at 70% with 2 hours of screen time today, regular S10


How did you do that ? Can you do Screenshot from Battery usage please ? 

Mine 2 Hours 50% !!! 

I will return my phone and wait for Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S11 !! 




Press both volume down and power button together at the same time to take a screenshot

The UK s10e received a firmware update today. Hopefully this might fix the power drain. Check your phone's to see if there an update for your S10. 


I would still cleat the partition cache once the update had fully installed. 

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