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S10 Battery Drain

well i had Iphone X Before, and samsung promised "all day battery" and im using fb, whatsapp, snapchat phonecalls and my phone dies after 9-10 hrs.. its not normal
i just used my camera in 3 minutes, guess what… i lost 2% xS
It’s within the 30 day limit, I called Vodafone who I have a contract with and they have replaced it today.

I'm at 75% with one hour of screen time, adaptive power save on, optimized battery mode, lock screen off, adaptive brightness on, all vibrations off

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Did you spend a day after trying this? - seems to have worked for multiple people.


At least in my case it seems to have helped make the battery life 2x



I'm having the same problem.. 10% dropping every night with everything off. Wifi, location, sync , all off. I've done it all. 5minutes after I charge it 100% , 5% is gone like that. Closed apps and stoped them from running in the backround, cleared cache from all the google apps, turned off lift to wake and I've been using it in medium power saving mode and with adjustable brightness and night mode on  and everything you all sugested.

Now I'm all against factory reset because come on.. our phones are new!! I also don't want to use a blackpaper (because I have to) because we have a samsung dynamic panel which they advertised so much, with colors , with edge screen and all of these features and we are not going to use them..? Then WHY DID WE PAYED so much money for that phone? We want the specs and features to work. Otherwise let's get a Xiaomi if not a Huawei.. I really hope they fix this.  I don't know if it's a google issue, or an exynos issue. It is their issue. Not ours to fix. 

Also one more thing I'm trying now because for some reason it was on by default , is turning off nearby service. Try that. 


Gonna wade into this chat too and report awful battery life on my S10+. Got it on 8th march  restored a backup from my HTC u11+and over the first few days was pretty disappointed by battery life. Would take it off charger at 6am  it'd lose 3% in the first 10 mins  and by the time I'd walked the dog, listening to music/podcast over Bluetooth headphones it'd be at 85% within less than an hour . After reasonably light use  I'd be down to 20% or thereabouts by the time I left work at 4pm. Spoke to Samsung  after a week of this and they said that the issue was with the restoration of the backup. I reluctantly factory reset the phone and set everything up from scratch again. Its been nearly another week and I'm disappointed to say the issue is no better 😔. I'm gutted that this amazing device I was so excited about doesn't seem to be able to get through a day, especially as folk with SD variants are reporting incredible battery life! The WiFi on the phone also seems to be less than fully functional, often disconnecting from my home network  


Worth also pointing out that I have night mode on,  adaptive battery on, brightness around 50%, apps set to sleep when not being used  have cleared Google play services cache and wiped partition. This is my first non htc phone in 10 years and I was so excited by the hype, but this phone may have to go back 😔

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Hi all.

If you turn off the (Always On Display) you are going to save 15% each day.

I have S10 and i can tell you the battery of S6 that i trade and i had for 3 years i was much better.

I dont want to hard reset yet.

Can you please tell me,step by step how to clear Google play services cache.

Thanks in advance,hope don't waste our moneys with s10

Settings > Apps > three dots (top right) select Show systems app > scroll for Google Play Services > Storage under this section delete both cache and data. No personal data will be delete.
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