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Returning old phone


Hi, I have my S10 Plus which I am very happy with, however when I got it, the return instructions for my old phone were sent to "" for whatever reason, so I just want to confirm will I receive a package/instructions in 5-7 days to return my old phone in? As I obviously received my S10 on Friday and nothing yet. Though I love their products the customer care so far has been shocking so I dont want them to get in touch a week from now and accuse me of defrauding them lol as I haven't been able to get a straight answer, thanks for any help 

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Same situation,  but never saw that details went to that email address,  where was that?

Samsung told me to speak to Close Brothers to get them to send it, not sure that is right though?


In all honesty this whole process has been a nightmare, does anyone know the address to send it to? I'll just pay the £3 and send it Samsung are useless 


Same situation. This was the response I got when I queried it. Hope it helps.  - though I'm seriously considering returning the S10+ now and keeping my old phone. Screenshot_20190313-223449_Gmail.jpg


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