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Preordered my S10 through Amazon but am unable to find my phone's IMEI number when trying to claim the Galaxy Buds.

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So I preordered my Galaxy S10 through Amazon on the 27th of February, which would allow me to also claim a free pair of Galaxy Buds. However, when accessing the product detail page through the Samsung Members app, the site cannot find the IMEI number (SM-XXXXXXXXXXX) of my S10.


As I live in Denmark, ordering anything from Amazon will always be dispatched from Germany, and I have a hunch it may be due to that. But I still don't think that should make me ineligible to claim the offer that was promised. 


Hey mate, if you go into settings>about phone. It show you the imei number

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Cheers AdamCollins! 


@Loxworth : We've been in touch with our colleagues over in Scandinavia for you, and they've passed this message on to us:


"We are currently experiencing some issues with customers not receiving their order confirmation and not being able to add the IMEI-numbers while doing the redeem. We are aware of the issue and are working on solving it as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvenience and would like to thank you for your patience. Please try again later."


If you do have any other queries about this one, please get in touch with Support in Denmark: so they can look into things and assist you further.


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Thank you Adam, however unfortunately that is not the problem I have. I know what my IMEI number is, the problem is that the product information page doesn't show any SM number that resembles my phone's SM number.


But I can see from @AntS message that it seems like I'm not the only one. Guess I will continue to contact Samsung's campaign support, even though it has a seemingly infinite waiting list. Thank you both for your help regardless. 

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