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Ported cam app for gs10 plus exynos


Can someone please suggest a ported cam app for S10+ exynos variant and setting changes required if any? Mark my words, we can keep moaning here but most of the cam issues are something Samsung has been struggling for years and I don't think they will fix it this time either. The only way we can make this community useful is by sharing alternate apps like gcam. A request to moderators, please do not merge cam issue posts as I strongly believe that's not going to make any difference, if Samsung was really listening to is they would have fixed smudgy selfies years back 

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I completely agree. I was a old and a proud customer of samung smartphones, nearly 8 years. Now I'm super disappointed s10 plus camera. The dedicated update is not good enough. Its time to move on. I just hope it donen't end up like HTC. Super successfull to going all the way down.

Try XDA forums where I think they are still playing with gcam ports for exynos but working for some