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Poor video quality compared to s9 plus at night

More problem arises when we switch to video mode. The HDR or normal 4K recording at night time is 100% a joke. I wasn't even dare to post them just now.
Thank you for your suggestion. The problem is regarding filming in low light. The problem could be a software issue, or a poorly designed lens. I have a feeling the lens quality is the problem. The s9 probably uses better lenses.

iam for Portugal and already post a problem when i take photos the image is worst than my s9+ and is incompreeensive this ... the s10+ is not a cheap phone to come with problems like this... with this i want to say that if exist problems in photos may have also problems in video. i receive an update yesterday that mentioned improvements in camera i will see..

Hoping the issue is software. Maybe they wanted peoplenl to trade old phone so no one noticed the poor camera quality which is comparable to the s7 edge. I have the s7 edge, s9 plus and s10 plus. Just got the Huawei p30 pro on friday. P30 pro is not as nice as s10, however the video quality and photo at night is significantly better than s10. S10 video is s7 edge quality very blurry and fuzzy. S9 video and photo quality at night is much better. If indoor videos is important then the s9plus is better and cheaper too. Please note this is unbiased review. I have missed the 14 day return day so I am stuck with the s10 for a while. I like Samsung and this has been personally a bad experience for me as you cant have a worst camera then your previous version esp I rely on filming my kids. Appears others have the same problem.
Very grainy video. Cry everytime I see it. Come on Samsung. Fix the problem....or is the lens got a flaw. I guess having so many cameras they had to cut the cost somewhere!

I change my S9+ for S10+ but iam already regretful... i dont know what to do... the diferences is many in photos and i take a lot

this can be repair with update?

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I am for Portugal too and I have the same problem. My last phone before S10 was S5 and of course it didn't recorded well at night but even at the day it was less noisy than the S10 is. The stabilization improved a lot but the videos are more grainy I don't know if is about the compression or if is about the lens but for a phone at this price I think is a bit unacceptable and Samsung should fix it.

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I thought I was alone! My old s9+ was miles ahead in night videos

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I changed my s9 to s10. So bad video quality!!! Fix that. We paid a lot for change.

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The hardware is sufficient, and cameras processing isnt up to par.

Just a little more firmware improvement is needed to remove noise and grainy images.

Thats my take.