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Poked at mic with tray tool: Consequences?


Hi everybody. This being my first smart phone, I ineptly poked at what I assume is the S10e's microphone (top right), instead of inserting the tray tool into the SIM/Nano-SD card tray's hole (top left) - got the orientation wrong looking at the manual. Does this mean I might have just destroyed/damaged the mic, or some other part inside the phone?

Give it a try, make a call to see if it works, I'm sure the mics aren't directly near the hole and I'm also sure they are at an angle compared to the actual hole...I might be wrong but fingers crossed you're fine
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@aeon: Hopefully you'll be fine, however if you should experience any issues then you can visit an authorised Samsung Support Centre where an engineer will inspect the phone for you. To find your nearest one please check the following link, select 'Mobile Device' and enter your post code.

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I did the same thing, it's a speaker at the top but you can check the functionality of this by going into the phone app, selecting keypad and typing in *#0*# and tapping the speaker button. 


I did the same thing on my Note 10 plus, right after I bought it, at the shop. Accidentally pierced the hole with microphone with SIM tool. Felt so stupid... There was a clear pop sound. However the micro works fine.

Now I'm wondering whether the IP68 protection is still there?

Can anyone from Samsung please tell if the phone has protection from these kind of situations? 

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