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Phone unlocks in pocket

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Thankyou so much. I M facing the same issue and searching a solution and then found ur comment. If its really works then I m very very thankful to you.

I don't have that setting on my S10.
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Has a fix been found? I did yard work today with my phone in my pocket and it automatically unlocked, then subsequently updated settings, opened apps, etc. Frustrating; this shouldn't happen with a high quality phone, especially when it is securely locked. 


Hi all


We've tried all of the above and nothing. Then my wife found the "trusted devices" option. 


It turns out that her fitbit charge was a trusted device so when in close proximity (so all the time really) smart lock would automatically unlock her phone. 


So of this is the case try removing your trusted device and see if that works


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Not really. In my A50 this didn't work. The only thing that really stopped the problem of the phone ulocking in my pocket is deactivating the finger print. SAMSUNG WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO FIX THIS????????????? I didn't buy a phone like this and then limit it's use becuase of some issues you are creating.

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