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Phone turning on in my pocket s10 plus


I'm still having the same problem, I have the accidental touch protection on and it sometimes even calls random contacts, does anyone have a solution, I don't want to set either a password or fingerprint scanner as my Mrs would think I've got something to hide 

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Having a similar issue where it turns on in my pocket despite having the accidental screen touch option on. Doesn't do anything just screen comes on and stays on burning battery, REALLY p***ing me off rgr:(

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That doesn't really work either. My accidental screen protection is on and I get the same issues

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Accidental touch protection doesn't solve anything. I have it on and it comes on 3-4 times a day. Has sent texts, taken pictures, emergency dialed, web surfed, etc...all front he confines of the "dark space" it is supposed to be protected from. It's *****.